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Founded by Olympic and Leadership coach and speaker, Chip Richards, the work of the Magi is based on 25-years of in-depth coaching and facilitation with highly aspirational projects and teams calling for extraordinary levels of leadership, vision, commitment and collaboration.

This work spans from pioneering global start-ups to major capital projects – from 1:1 Senior Leadership Coaching to Project Team and High-Performance Culture Development.

Ranging from short term breakthrough and alignment work to in-depth engagements that span the life of a project or organisation, the work of the Magi is targeted to meet each team and individual right where your greatest need is and ignite the steps toward what you are truly committed to creating.

Project / Team - Vision, Mission, Alignment (VMA)

  • Developing unified vision, mission and aligned roles and expectations between teams and organisations at key stages and turning points of projects.
  • Gaining a shared view of current reality through Leadership Team pulse checks and “Summit 360” assessments.
  • Expanding depth and clarity of commitment, communication and collaboration.
  • Cultivating high-performance partnerships and alliance relationships to empower breakthroughs in performance at all levels.

Leadership Coaching & Facilitation (1:1 and Team

  • Launching, coaching and facilitating integrated Leadership Teams to serve and steer the vision of a project, organisation or initiative.
  • Breakthrough, performance and resilience Coaching with Senior Leaders (1:1 and focused Teams).

Leadership, Team and Culture Development Programs

  • Answer the Call – 1-day Hero’s Journey workshop focused on igniting a deep sense of personal purpose and vision for life, leadership and creative work in the world
  • The Dream Builder – 2-day workshop for individuals and teams, expanding our view of what’s possible, clarifying and unifying vision, and anchoring vision into empowered action in the world
  • Heart of Leadership – 3-5 day immersive / experiential retreats breaking through preconceived limits to create a future beyond what’s predictable.
  • Magi Leadership Academy – Integrated 4-6 month Leadership Development program
  • Performance & Culture Ignition – Integrated programs, translating Leadership vision and commitment into high-performance teams and culture, where natural leaders emerge at all levels, fully expressed and empowered to bring their very best to the mission at hand.

Happy Clients


Mark St.Germain

Chip has proven to be what every dynamic organisation is looking for in a coach and facilitator in high pressure situations. Chip has a knack for simplifying a complex challenge to its core elements and guiding leaders to find and own the solution and has facilitated extremely effective breakthroughs in near impossible situations where alignment between Teams, Organisations and Individuals is needed to ensure success. As a former Olympic coach with rich life experience, Chip is also a master story teller, building narratives that open new possibilities for others. Chip does this effortlessly even getting the most difficult personnel to open up, helping organisations grow and uniting them as a team.

Chip is a star, one of a kind and someone that consistently provides fantastic guidance for our success.

Wendy Branchfield

The training I received with Chip quite literally changed the course of my life, and therefore the lives of my clientele. I was masterfully taught the skills to become my authentic self and to let go of the beliefs and thought-patterns that did not serve my life or my professional goals. When one approaches a goal with this peace of mind, positive results are not only likely, they are inevitable!

Mark Welch

Chip is one of the most inspirational people I know. He is very articulate and extremely passionate in all that he does. He has a particular strength in facilitating and leading diverse groups of people in an energetic and genuine way. He has guided our Senior Leadership group through the evolution of our leadership - facilitating major workshops, team building initiatives and one-on-one coaching with key individuals. I would absolutely recommend Chip as a facilitator, consultant, speaker and coach.

Vince Kenny

Chip is a deep thinker, he doesn’t only see the issue, he sees through the issue to the opportunity and then utilises the strengths of the situation to carve out a path to improvement. He knows robust processes and procedures will deliver GOOD outcomes but to deliver GREAT outcomes mindful and motivated individuals bonded in a cohesive team is required – this is where Chip excels, he can work with individuals or groups to coach them to GREAT.

Jono Fisher

Chip is simply the best facilitator and event host I’ve ever seen. He blends a highly intelligent approach with creativity, authenticity and heart. If you want to take an event or leadership gathering from good to great, Chip is your X factor.

Cooper Schell

You've always been inspirational in my life Chip, through your fearless and deliberate actions, and deeply connected consciousness.... I come alive when I'm around you and my passion for life increases ten-fold when I'm in your presence. You've instilled the confidence and clarity for me to succeed and be at peace at the same time. Thank you for believing in me, it helped me believe in myself.

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